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…[A]t the Obamination’s direction, the Justice Department has pushed out statements that sharia law is to be considered if dealing with any US law violations by muslims.

Well, sure. After all, Major Nidal Hassan, and the Syeds were executing their jihad according to sharia, so who could disapprove?. And the third world illegals who park on sidewalks and in crosswalks, pull unsignalled mid-block U-turns, and run red lights (not to mention, rapes, robberies, and murders) are only keeping their cultures intact. We are the ones who must understand and adapt — not the border jumpers and refujihadis. They’re only here to replace us, so the fedgov won’t lack a reason for being.

A few decades ago, the government elected a different people. You wouldn’t want them to have to do the citizen elimination themselves, would you? They’d have to increase the budget for der Heimat Sicherheitsdienst, which means they’d have to raise taxes. Oh, wait … they already did.

Cry, "Treason!"