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What has always confused me are these ultra liberal women like Hitlery who are all for women’s rights but excuse the muslim atrocities against women. I wonder how many would be comfortable wearing a burka? Sharia law should be sending these women over the edge.

I saw Muslim women in south India wearing burkas in 100′ heat. But the burka is the least of their problems. Touch another man’s hand, even accidentally? Speak to a man (not your immediate relative)? Get stoned for adultery. Let your hair show? Possible stoning. Beating for whatever displeases the husband. Death if you get raped (the woman’s fault, of course…bringing shame on her husband and family.) Walk outside the home without a male relative with you? Again, bitter and cruel punishment. Education? Never! Believe in Christianity because of its higher status for women? Death again… Complete control and subjugation.

Yet the men have free reign, total control, multiple wives, sex slaves at will… A friend was a flight attendant on the last flight out of Baghdad in the days of the Shah. When she and the other stewardesses were in the hotel pool (surrounded by a high wall), crowds of Muslim men were gawking at them, standing on ladders against the outside wall. It is enlightening to me that sex slaves are war booty, and they are promised virgins in paradise if they die fighting for Islam. Easily controlled by those who inflame them with sick sexual promises. And evidence that they cannot control themselves.

Added: Not to mention the cruel practice of female ‘circumcision’ crudely practiced in many countries, leaving the woman in pain the rest of her days. Lest she ‘enjoy sex’ or desire a man. Supposedly to keep wifedom and motherhood ‘pure’…. And the practice of sewing up her vagina, ripping out the stitches when the husband wants sex. All of this is more than a nightmare to even contemplate in our country. But the horrible truth for thousands of women today.

And to think that, at the Obamination’s direction, the Justice Department has pushed out statements that sharia law is to be considered if dealing with any US law violations by muslims. This is the improperly vetted jackass that was elected through propaganda and fraud.

YEAH for us!!!!!!