My grandparents’ country was taken over by Islam, millions murdered during WWI although they had lived in peaceful subjection for years alongside the ruling group. Young girls raped and crucified naked along the highways. My own great-grandmother (in her 60s) was one of the survivors of her town, but herded at gunpoint into the mountains to die. She contracted pneumonia from hunger and exposure. I’m sure others of their group did as well. My g-grandfather was resourceful and heated rocks in a campfire, put them around her body, reheating them for days until she recovered. Then they made their way to a friendly home who took them in (at peril of their own lives)…

Islam is NOT “peace”. It is a worldview that seeks dominance, control and complete power, then eradication of all who disagree. One driving factor is that the ‘religious’ leaders use a warped version of ‘god’ as inflammatory justification, and promise all kinds of sick rewards for suicide in the name of that ‘god’…when in reality it is only to gain power over the world, and control of their followers.