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I hope I’m wrong, but Eurabia already looks gone to me. They can’t even allow the principal identifying characteristic of the “terrorists” to be spoken, printed, or broadcast over their “news” outlets. I’m almost surprised that they could publicly admit that the bombs went off, at all.

Religious war? Of course it’s a “religious” war, to the extent that islam qualifies to be called a “religion.” The word “religion” comes from Latin “religare,” meaning, to re-bind, or re-tie oneself to God. I suppose those (two?) self-immolating bombers actually have reunited themselves with their deity … yet to be positively identified. But though the devotees and practitioners of that “religion” are at war with everyone else on earth, we, as a nation, at least, have yet to be at war with them. Perhaps that will change.

To their credit, at least two US presidential candidates were able to blame “radical” islam, accepting the criticism of their government, and their political opponents, for their “bigotry.” But America will become Amerabia if we cannot bring ourselves to realize that we are already in a war, despite our government’s (and media’s, and academia’s) blandishments and sincere desire to surrender. They simply don’t know to whom to present the nation’s sword, just yet.

It’s going to take a sea change in American lax attitudes, and acceptance of political correctness. Will that happen? You tell me.

Cry, "Treason!"

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