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One of the problems (among many) that the Europeans have is that they’ve taken in so many “refugees.” When they (the Europeans) start reacting, there will be much over-reaction as well, even if just by individual citizens. They’re angry! (and rightfully so) But that is likely to galvanize the Muslim population into believing they’re all targets (and in some eyes, they will be). Talk about fast radicalization!

But we’ve done the same thing to ourselves. We’ve got major Muslim population centers, particularly places like Dearborn, Michigan, and once the bombings start happening here, and large numbers of innocent Americans are torn to shreds, the backlash will be significant. And we’re likely to see the same almost instant radicalization of previously go-along-to-get-along Muslims in American society, as they “defend” themselves (and their “brothers”) against the Americans.

It’s going to get ugly, I fear – very ugly. And it won’t just be on the other side of the “pond.”