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What I have prepped this week…

This week’s prep has been of a mostly non-material nature.

Firstly, I spent time on the range to keep myself from getting too dull on the marksmanship front. All 3: my handgun, my rifle, and my shotgun. Also to keep an eye on weapon functionality. I did unfortunately find my jamming problem in the mini-14 is still alive and well (failure to eject) with the promag 10 rounders despite my sending for replacements. I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and pay full price for factories unless I find used.

Secondly, I brought along a friend who hasn’t been shooting in years, is a big Christian like I am, and is trustworthy. He already knows about my prepping, as I trust him, and wouldn’t you know it? He’s going to be getting his pistol permit (he was like a kid in a candy store inside the range shop) and I’ll help him get through all the hoops. He’s kind of a “loner,” his family is not tight and they are spread out. He’s extremely fit. Bottom line? I think I just added an ideal addition to my group. No baggage, and a positive attitude.

Thirdly, I reorganized the material preps and saved space.

Always on the lookout for trustworthy members. We ran into a prepper at the range. Reason I know? He used the term SHTF while talking to us. Friendly enough, sure, but it made me question his OPSEC discipline.

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