There are – to the best of my knowledge – within a 5 mile radius of where I am right now, two nurses: 1 LPN and 1 RN and one vascular surgeon. Also a Vet Tech (in case there’s literally no other recourse, a vet tech can throw in stitches, etc, when nobody else is available a la Hershel from TWD).

There might be others, but that is an unknown right now. Alas, I am only Combat Lifesaver and 1st Aid/CPR trained. I have never put in a stitch in my life. But, I have had cause to make field expedient splints before. Worked pretty well.

Many years ago (listen to me.. I sound like my old Da’), the Red Cross used to put out genuine books on 1st Aid. I do not know if they still do.

The ones I have are:

First Aid, 4th Edition (c. 1957, printed 1969)
Standard First Aid and Personal Safety (1st Edition, 1973)
Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care (1st Edition, 1973)

All were put out by the American Red Cross. Publisher for all is Doubleday. These books are remarkably similar to the Combat Lifesaver training I received. Except for stuff like “How to treat a sucking chest wound”.

An aside: Before the advent of the IFAK or Blow-Out Kit, we carried pressure bandages. We were taught how to use them properly and got pretty good at doing the old pressure bandage thing… but, thing is, they only gave us one bandage

More often than not, bullets make two holes…

Most of us squirreled several away, just in case…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1