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What a disgusting video! Why? I am disgusted that the truth that police officer is courageous enough to speak is even possible to speak, and also that it has to be spoken. I truly pray for both his safety as well as his job. What a great example of the type of independent, fair-minded thinking I’d wish for in all LE personnel (not to mention the general public).

His statement that he was expecting a “full fledged riot” to break out and that he was ultimately “going to have to punch a couple of people” in self defense, are indicative of what’s really going on. It’s a combination of a media blackout of the true picture, along with attempts TO start a “full fledged riot.” That’s what they’re trying to do, and fortunately Trump knows it and is trying to keep it from happening at his rallies. If the protesters are successful, then the media will have what they want and will run video of the “Trump riots” from now until November – every day. It’s more evidence that the political system has been entirely hijacked, and “we the people” are collectively too stupid to see it. What a great exception this LE officer is!

I do not like Donald Trump. He’s not the image of who I want representing my country. And I’m stuck with the very uncomfortable belief that he may be the only way to finally light the fire that begins to produce real change. And I fear it will get very ugly in between. But then we all know about the need to nourish the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots. It could become very, very ugly indeed. With intense sadness, I don’t see another way out. Miracles can happen, but if one’s coming, the light hasn’t yet appeared over the horizon. Sadly, my wife and I have both come to the conclusion that Trump may be the best hope we’ve got.

On a related side note, I happen to have a great deal of respect for retired 4-star General Robert Oaks, who I’ve met in a very small group and eaten dinner with. I just saw that General Oaks not only has endorsed Trump, he is heading up Trump’s campaign in Utah (an up-hill battle – too many people there have done a knee-jerk full acceptance of Mitt Romney’s speech at the University of Utah). If Trump is elected, I would not be surprised to see him select someone like General Oaks as his new Secretary of Defense. I’d be ecstatic! I’m seeing very tiny clues (because they’re so well hidden by the media) that Trump truly is surrounding himself with some very competent experts in certain fields. Sadly, the other side of that coin is that he’s lost the endorsement of some people I’ve respected greatly – Ron Paul most prominently and recently (Paul is REALLY going after Trump!). I’m so glad our primary is behind us, and all I’ll have to do now is wait and actively case my vote against Billary in November, and then go home hoping no one else stayed home instead of voting against Billary. Then we wait to see what develops over the ensuing four years…. If the RNC pulls their cr@p again at the Convention and further hijacks the political process, I can’t say in public what I hope will happen.