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Roadracer, it’s not confusing at all. That “class” of people (most hard-core Democrats and those further left, along with an increasing number in the Republican Party) are not at all concerned about consistency, logic, fairness, etc. It’s ALL about their agenda, and any seeming similarities that end up arguing in the opposite direction (such as the all-too-simple-to-understand discrepancy you brought up), are irrelevant. It’s all about getting power and gain, and destroying the existing social and political order in the process (and to the end that it produces the ultimate power for them).

It’s pure evil, and doesn’t operate by principles of logic and fairness – never has, never will. They’re in many ways exactly like what Sledjockey described when he said:

There are parts of the quran that actually tell their followers to lie to other cultures as a way to overtake their government. It is the responsibility of a muslims to deceive non-muslims so that they can set up sharia law.

It really doesn’t matter that Islam isn’t part of Hillary’s equation – the end result and means by which they achieve it are otherwise fundamentally the same. As Alan Stang used to say at the end of his broadcasts, with significant emphasis, “Think about it!” It’s a stunning parallel once it finally appears and comes into focus.