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Good point, but I would just find out what FMF Navy Corpsmen happened to be available for entry into your group. Here is why:

* They will be trained about as well as a PA, but will not be on anyone’s radar as being medical.
* They have had as much combat training as the Marines that they served with.
* Chances are that they worked with multiple different combat systems to include explosives at one time or another as well.
* It was their job to do everything medically possible while under the worst circumstances and without any real medical supplies all while saving a life – great experience for SHTF type scenarios.
* Most had complete medical carte blanche when it came to saving a life so I (for instance) got to do many minor surgery things, intubate, run anesthesia equipment, prescribe meds, see patients as if I was a family practice provider, set up and operated ventilators, was ACLS/PALS/NALS/Trauma certified (same courses that providers take), etc…….

Other military branches do not have the same level as training or freedom to perform medical procedures as Navy Corpsmen so that I why I tossed this out there……