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First question: “why is the fedgov (and the presstitute press) whether led by Rs, or Ds, so thoroughly bent on selling it to us as The Religion of Peace?”

First answer. Simple. It goes right back to the 3/4 page final chapter (or “section” as they called it) of Marx’ and Engels’ work – use ANY organization that is useful in bringing to pass the destruction of the social and political order. Marx and Engels were very specific and direct about that.

Second question: “[W]hy [do] so many sheeple buy that @#$%& when the contrary evidence assaults their senses almost daily?”

Simple: the dumbing down of the education system for multiple generations now. It’s [whine/ON] too hard [whine/OFF] to have to go research anything yourself, so we let the “teachers” “teach” the “truth” to our youngsters’ impressionable minds. Of course a solid “assist” goes to the media for their ample job of reinforcing what the kids learn from their highly educated “teachers.” (A study I saw claimed that the lowest overall SAT scores were had collectively by education majors.)

That could occupy far more space, but it still boils down to those two answers.