What I did today:

Took receipt of an invaluable resource.

AHFS Drug Handbook, 2nd Edition.

Lists all known drugs – including holistic herbs and such – in America today. The brand names, their generic names, their foreign names. Their effects, reasons prescribed and recommended dosages, possible side effects…

In Post-Land, who knows what anyone will come across, under what circumstances or knows where something originated? This will at least help. It won’t make you a doctor or a pharmacist, but it will let you know what “Chemical X” is supposed to be used for… how much… what the blowback could possibly be… etc…

And the best part… I got it for ONE PENNY.

Seriously. One cent. Ex-library book off of Amazon. It’s in perfect condition – even the spine is uncracked. All’s I did was peel off the “SCHMUCKATELLI LIBRARY” stickers and then use Ronson Lighter Fluid to remove the adhesive residue… Looks new.

Best penny I ever spent.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1

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