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Thanks Selco and Toby. The biggest take-aways I see in this article are the combination needs for self-sufficiency to the maximum extent possible, a personal protection plan (probably jointly with other trusted people close by where possible), and “connectedness.” By that I mean connection to information sources that include but go beyond commercial media as long as connections are possible, and also staying connected to other trusted people both for mutual support and for information. I can appreciate the desire of some to simply “go it alone,” and be as disconnected as possible from others. But my personal preference is, where possible, a close knit group of like-minded people (whether related or not) for mutual support, protection, and discussing the developing or ongoing circumstances going on around us at any given time. While group panic could potentially be a problem, such a support group can also bring more sanity into the thinking process and actually help reduce panic as circumstances are rationally processed together and group action and assignments are agreed upon for moving forward.