Could be lots of things…. but a sudden attack of civic virtue? No…

Call me cynical when it comes to the government

You gentlemen can tell me if you think my cynicism vis-à-vis our would be overlords, fails to rise to the standard you have set, but might it just possibly be that a few of them, having checked current facts to which they are privy (and we are not) have concluded that being “the boss over nothing” was not in their best interests (purely aside from the fact that being reduced to nothing is also not in ours?)

I don’t know how much “hardening” is possible, but having at least a few replacements for some of the various gigantic transformers stashed nearby, offline, might not be a totally stupid idea in the days of “two is one, and one is none.”

My esteemed colleague GS and my own cynicism are justified, given our experiences, but he is correct in that it does not have to be a contest to see who is the more cynical… I don’t know about GS, but I at least try to mix in some gallows humor so my comments are not a complete downer.

Like him, my first reaction was a derisive snort, followed by asking why a ginormous intelligence organization like No Such Agency that trades on literally not saying anything, ever, to anyone suddenly decides to release their Officially Scary Story at this particular moment…

Filled with exactly nothing specific or useful, it’s a pointy stick meant to poke the American Tax Cow Citizen (if that particular species is not yet extinct).

The good Admiral made some specific gripes about the world-wide shift to 4G Warfare – that is, “official” war being taken out of the hands of the State and is now the province of non-governmental organizations and even individuals. Much like before the Peace of Westphalia (but even then, there was some “officialdom” overseeing various little wars – Barons, Lords or whatever Pooh-Bah decided to organize his guys and go pound on his neighbors. 4G Warfare is different and unique in that there is no semi-“officialdom” like a Baron or a Duke in charge – it’s run of the mill proles and scrubs doing it).

The US Military is absolutely the undisputed master of conventional warfare. We’re really, really good at pounding the armies of our enemies. But fighting an insurgent war on their own home turf? Eh… not so many checks in the “win” box. In fact, there are exactly none… It’s like fighting a swarm of ants. There are no ‘green zones’, no backfield. The US Army is still training to fight 2G warfare – “there’s the line, and we have to push it that way“… the Marines have at least formally adopted Maneuver Warfare, but they still fight 2G style…

While the good Admiral is not wrong when it comes to his comments – that some lucky turd somewhere will do something very, very stupid eventually – does he come out and offer any practical advice? Say “…so folks better start socking away at least a year’s worth of food, water, medicines, etc. Arm yourselves with a rifle of military usefulness – or whatever you can – because Very Bad Things are coming…”?

Eh, no… he does not. He kind of comes off sounding petulant – like a kid who’s been told No, he cannot have cake for breakfast…

I’m thinking the good Admiral is one of political appointees who owes his position of authority due to O-hole’s Purge and attrition… he’s in charge because he’s a go-along-to-get-along Yes Man and thus was not tossed out on his ear “encouraged to retire”… And falling back on some truisms I’ve learned over the years “Never trust a Spook. Never trust an Intelligence Weenie. Agency types allegiance is to the Agency. Etc”, my default setting is to NOT trust this guy…

Change subject: While I applaud the idea of stashing a few extra transformers, ultimately I think that those resources could be better used elsewhere…

Transformers are filled with mineral oil as a coolant. While fine under normal circumstances, if you go Off Menu, then Bad Things happen… sort of like ultra-high-pressure-compressible-liquids testing using gasoline and not water (yes, that is a real thing).

Some scumbag loser wingnut Nork Bad Guy decides to biff a nuke or three over North America? Well, we’re screwed. No other way to put it.

Rural areas might – and I stress might – still have equipment old enough to resist an EMP. Carburetted, non-digital heavy equipment that will allow them to replace those burned out transformers with some out of the stash… the alternative is dusting off the old “pole climber” job. And think about how many transformers there are in your town… your county… your state…

But then what? There’s no power in the lines for the transformers to, well, transform.

Coal fired plants are fed with – ironically – coal. Which arrives on trains. Trains driven by diesel-electric traction engines. Engines controlled by – wait for it… wait for it… digital computers.

Nuke plants are by definition computer controlled.

Luckiest ones will be near hydro plants. All their equipment might be deep enough to resist an EMP. But, this is just me spit-balling…

Been lots of pooh-pooh-ing of our concerns by the Official Egghead Contingent – that things actually won’t be that bad if some scumbag goes Legion of Doom on us and does something heinous – but you have to remember that this is the same Official Egghead Contingent who thought “Duck and Cover” was a viable defense against a nuclear detonation.

Or even a Good Idea. Hell, I would have even settled for “not a stupid idea”.

Fact is, they don’t know. They got an idea based on Starfish Prime, but since then, things have gotten… interesting. The Red Chinese have spent the last few decades building not bigger nukes – anyone can build a big nuke – but increasing the EMP yield.

The main job of Government is NOT to tell you the truth. The main job of Government is to instill confidence. Using any means necessary.

Fun times, yeah? :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1