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The Chinese government today is as much a part of the “global governance” cabal (NWO, to use the now outdated term) as Kissinger or Brzezinski. As you point out, GS, they aren’t ”communists,” in the textbook sense, any more than those unworthies. But they’re not stupid, either. They’re fairly astute businessmen, out for as much of the world as they can get.

I’m beginning to suspect that to get enough phunny munny to hang onto power for as long as possible,”our” commies have mortgaged the lands of what we call the USA, to their “commies,” with some kind of “Get Out of Jail Free” card built in, upon delivery, and that their assiduous cultivation of race/class/gender/age animosity, coupled with their “benign” neglect of our various defensive capabilities, in favor of offensive, only, is just part of the delivery setup to grease the skids for their “Chicom” trading partners.

Cry, "Treason!"

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