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The other thing is what would they have to gain. The elite already have unbridled power and are above the law.

Very true. But what they could gain (only one possibility – I’m not necessarily predicting this) is to use a grid-down situation to impose whatever term they use for martial law “for our protection.” I loved/hated the CBS TV series “Jericho” (has it really been eight years?!?) – hated it because it took so darned long – just an hour, wait a week, get another hour, see a few more, then wait for season two that seemed to never come, then came and went, without any clear ending. But I loved the scenarios in it – what happened when the lights did go out and supplies/groceries were not available, the tribalism that popped up almost immediately, the sudden lack of trust, the vigilantism, the regional and quasi-government(s), and the ever-present question of just who really did the “deed” and what were the Chinese doing in apparent humanitarian exercises? Even if entire large cities were not wiped out as in “Jericho,” I can certainly see motivation being present to have an excuse to impose non-constitutional rule for our “protection.” Create the crisis, come swooping in with the “rescue” solution,” and then transition that to the new order as they’re able. Wouldn’t put it past ‘em at least ….