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74 – bingo.

Freedom – yes, that video sounds great. It’s just important to realize that it does NOT represent the main FoxNews thrust. FoxNews so blatantly misrepresented the “massive” demonstration in Chicago Friday night it was literally laughable – the moment the aerial shot showed a very concentrated demonstration with clearly less than 1000 people – hundreds at best. And they’ve characterized as a “near riot” (their term, not my paraphrase) what went on inside the auditorium where the event was to be held. “Near riot?” There were extremely few “hands on” encounters at all, and apparently no real injuries at all, nor was there significant damage. There was no “near riot.” But Fox has really doubled down on Trump (I have watched them more in the past week than probably in the past two months combined). They play their “fair and balanced” game, forgetting that 10 pounds on one side of the scale is not fairly balanced out by a few ounces on the other side of the scale. They just point to the fact that there are “weights” on both sides, and conveniently forget how much and what kind. Don’t forget that Judge Napolitano lost his program on Fox Business Network when he went TOO far a while back. I will not be surprised if Judge Jeanine loses hers also, and only shows up as an occasional guest on somebody else’s show (like they’ve done to Napolitano).

There’s a much bigger game going on, and it’s about destruction of the constitutional republic created more than two centuries ago, and already recognized as mortally wounded by Jefferson by 1820. But the illusion of a two party system giving us choices, and primaries giving us choices within those parties has still been successfully presented to us, so we’re not even seeing the curtain, let alone who’s really behind it, what strings they’re pulling, and who/what they’re manipulating.