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I find it very interesting that the communists/socialists who in theory should be supporting Bernie are not trying to derail the Hildebeast. Why aren’t they protesting at her rallies?

I’m really serious about this, not just spouting off a knee-jerk response. It’s straight out of chapter four of the Communist Manifesto. That chapter is only 3/4 of one page long, unlike the other three chapters. I really thought I understood that piece for over 30 years, having studied it extensively in my college days, and still owning it as part of an old Bantam Books paperback, Essential Works of Marxism. I sold or gave away the majority of my poli-sci books after a few years, but that one was a keeper because of its reference value. It actually became more and more of value as the years went by. There was a period of more than a decade (probably closer to 15 years) that I doubt I even opened it once – too busy with other things. But then I went back and started re-studying it, and found things I’d never noticed before. But what really struck me after reviewing the seemingly main part of the book (the Manifesto specifically), was what suddenly jumped out upon reading that less-than-one-page final chapter. It turns out to be the most important part, really. In just the last eight sentences of the book the following three sentences virtually jumped off the page at me:

In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things.

— and —

They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution.

What few people realize is that there is an active, committed CPUSA, they maintain their web site, and in the past few years significantly upgraded the tracking capability of their web site to track who’s going to see it. They’re quite proud of their organization, and how it interfaces with many other organizations both in the US as well as around the world.

Having attended a liberal northeastern university that nearly cancelled the final semester of my senior year due to riots, etc., I became well acquainted with those that were behind all the chaos, violence, destruction, etc. As I watched the protests Friday night at the cancelled Trump event, it was like a flashback with no need for the drugs. It’s the same (almost word for word) chants, same look, same tactics, and you can pick out the organizers from the duped participants in a heartbeat if you’ve already lived through it deeply before. Living not too far from a major military installation that has been “blessed” with an annual demonstration that brings bus loads of protesters in from around the nation, it’s just been an annual flashback to the 60s for me. They look, sound, act, and interact exactly as they did in the 60s – and last Friday was no different. It’s impossible that they’re simply a spontaneous outpouring of emotion, given the carbon-copy chants, appearances, tactics, etc.

Even if one wants to dismiss the argument that’s been made elsewhere on this Forum about the existence of a fundamental evil movement in this world that goes well beyond national boundaries and interests, it would be hard to argue against the fundamentals envisioned and detailed first by Marx and Engels, and then brilliantly added to by Alinsky, Cloward, and Piven, as being solidly in play. This is highly orchestrated, heavily funded, and its aim is what we see so blatantly in South Africa and elsewhere – including to a lesser but fast-growing extent in the US. It’s not about destroying Hillary so sweet ol’ socialist Bernie can finally come to power, and it’s not just about destroying the Republican Party’s chances of a victory in November. It’s about “the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions,” the “political order of things,” and causing “the ruling classes [to] tremble.” Marx was dead serious, as are his adherents today.

I don’t choose to focus on the term “Communist” or even “communist.” That term has been very effectively neutralized thanks to Uncle Saul since he and Hillary became best buds before his death. Forget the labels – it’s the tactics and the intended end that really matter, and they’re happening right in front of us. The labels and names honestly don’t matter – in part because it really isn’t about the “communism” that Marx and Engels described economically in their first three long chapters anyway. Ironically, that’s part of how it’s been so easy for them to neutralize the term “communist” in recent decades – they can easily show that communism really IS dead – it actually never really existed, whether in the USSR, PRC, or Cuba (they did NOT practice communism – they just used the label – great distraction, brilliant strategy).

Don’t get too distracted by “protests” themselves. Instead, notice who’s doing the protesting, HOW those protests are organized and conducted, how they simply cannot be spontaneous given the size, uniformity of many of the signs, the obviously practiced chants, and many other clues that can be recognized – if it’s been “seen” over and over for 50 years or more. I’m just waiting for the classic oldie but goodie, “Hey, hey! Ho ho! Donald Trump has got to GO!” (Perhaps it’s already been used and I just missed it – wouldn’t be surprised.) The idea is to destroy the political order, thereby destroying what’s left of even the facade of the formerly solid structure of the Republic (Declaration and Constitution-style). Perhaps they reason that to try to destroy BOTH parties openly, or even candidates in both parties, would be too obvious. Instead, I suspect they’re focusing on Trump in order to keep the illusion of a 2-party system while they do their work, thereby pulling in more to their cause (as “useful idiots”). It’s a brilliant, complicated strategy – I say brilliant because of where it’s gotten them within just some of our adult lifetimes.

Want some real fun? First use an anonymous search engine like ixquick.com and then enter “CPUSA” as your search term. Notice the Twitter accounts, national and state organization web sites, Facebook page, etc., etc. If you don’t want to be tracked, once you get the list of seach results, just click on “Proxy” after the URL in each search result, instead of clicking on the result itself, and you’ll usually be able to see what’s on most of the page (some won’t come up because CPUSA is doing a better job of tracking their visitors these days). Then go check out REVCOM.US as your search term if you don’t want to go directly to their site, and use the proxy view there as well. It’s truly an amazing experience for anyone not familiar with what’s hidden in plain sight. Quoting the very top of today’s edition of their web site we find:

Get Ready for an Actual Revolution
Get Ready to Bring This System DOWN

They’re serious. The attachment is a photo of protests in New York City just over a year ago. Such signs have shown up in various protests around the nation particularly in and since Ferguson, though it’s unlikely most have noticed them. They show up in live shots of demonstrations, but later on when they keep showing the same old clips over and over, the ones with the RevCom.US signs are NOT repeated by the networks. My guess is that they don’t want to be too blatant by putting out the word to street reporters and camera crews that they are not to include any RevCom signs in their coverage, figuring few will see the live shots, and even fewer will notice the signs. Later they’ll use clips for re-showing over and over that do NOT have the RevCom signs in them. Spontaneous? Let me get my wading boots and shovel before I go any further with THAT concept! (And if there are any questions about me just passing along what I’ve found on the internet with this attachment – the answer is an absolute no. I’ve seen the signs on multiple occasions personally – but only in live coverage, never repeat video clips for later coverage.)