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Much of the point of my previous post was that “they” have known about it for many, many years. And it was published in the Congressional Record decades ago (what an EMP would do to the US, and how it could be done). I don’t know what the cost would be, but at least for the utilities themselves, it would be huge. So whether it came out of everyone’s pockets in the form of taxes, or utility rate increases, it’d still come out of our pockets. And two different people at significant technical levels in two different major utilities are telling me the same thing – at least an EMP is not something they can reasonably guard against. As for a computer entry into the system, nothing’s 100% secure unless the system is entirely isolated from every other system – which in the case of utilities is impossible.

So yes, Malgus would appear to be right. When I first read the headline I laughed, thinking, “Ok, and what’s the motivation for finally telling us at THIS particular point, when it’s no secret at all?” If one doesn’t look at what’s in it for them, they’d be remiss – because far more often than not, it’s not “for the people.” Government is a closed system. They run it the way they want, and highly resent and resist outside intervention (particularly if some congressman starts asking questions). And they most especially don’t believe they owe anything to “the people.”

Call me cynical when it comes to the government – no complaint here. I got that way through decades of experience.