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Follow up:

Apple produces the ONLY web browser (Safari) that is set as a default to “off” for 3rd party cookies. They’re also the company going up against FedGov and the media on giving the unlocking technology for iPhones to the US government, which then wants to share that information with other countries. Apple has said they’re willing to work on providing the data WITHIN the San Bernardino couple’s iPhone to FedGov, just not by turning over the key to the kingdom to Fedgov.

I have not been an Apple fan almost forever. But more and more, we’re leaning toward Apple, and will almost certainly replace our Android phones with iPhones when we make our next phone changes. Computers? We’re pretty tied to Windows, but I suspect this “free” (NOTHING is “free” from Microsoft) massive push to Windows 10 will eventually be our tipping point, assuming Apple does not cave in to FedGov. There appears to be far more privacy concern by Apple than any other large company. Take that for whatever it’s worth, or not.