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I watched the live coverage of the pending Trump event on Fox News, and well on through the cancellation. It was absolutely incredible! Fox was repeatedly using words like “massive” to describe the size of the protest outside the hall where the event was to be held. FINALLY, someone got an aerial view of the protest, almost immediately after one of those “massive” type comments had been used – and OOOP! It’s highly unlikely there were even 1000 outside the hall. It numbered in the hundreds. And it turned out to largely be Bernie supporters, along with the usual suspects that we’ve seen over the years – you know the ones that you can spot as intentional, planted rabble-rousers. And the irony was what Gretta asked the man-on-the-street reporter: “WHAT are they chanting?” I don’t know what she thought, because she never got an answer (the street reporter couldn’t hear her), and suddenly they dropped the subject. It was pretty clear on the TV, however – among other things that they were chanting, among the usual worn out Vietnam-era type chants, was ““This is what democracy looks like!” Say what?!?

Oh wait, Georgia Saint. It’s that new definition of democracy, using Uncle Saul’s “Rules.” The First Amendment works just like a diode in an electronic device – a one-way gate where speech is free to flow only one direction, toward one conclusion or position. The protesters didn’t even “get” the extreme irony of their repeated chant. Or probably more accurately, it was irrelevant to them, because it didn’t fit their one-way agenda.

I also watched the fights that were shown inside the hall, where a number of protesters had gotten in. When the announcement was made that Trump’s speech had been cancelled, the protesters went wild. One “fight” was one way (unless you count the holder of an American Flag trying to keep control of it rather than have it ripped away from him, and only be pulling it back toward himself, as an “aggressive” move). A hyphenated “American” was trying to yank it away from him, and took the first swing – and the second (there were no more as far as I could see). Was he arrested? No, just briefly restrained. Another physical confrontation was not shown from the beginning, so it was unclear who started it. But what was very, very clear was the fact that the invading protesters were clearly aggressive (yes, I said “invading” – Trump paid for that hall).

But what became clear very very early in the coverage was the Fox News was doing all in its power to create an image of something that simply was made up! People were filing into the hall to hear Trump, and a few hundred were outside peacefully protesting. Before the cancellation announcement, there were apparently no fights, as evidence not only by the fact that the “news” people weren’t finding any to report, as well as the straight lines of police in the area, being allowed to just stand there doing their job as a barrier at that point. Freedom at its best – those that wanted to go in, could, those that wanted to protest outside also could. I do not like Trump, I don’t want him as my president (but Billary and Bernie and Elizabeth even trump Trump in my level of dislike). Still, I was deeply saddened at what I (again) witnessed the “news” media do tonight, creating an image of a “MASSIVE” protest, as if spontaneously THOUSANDS were gathered to peacefully protest Trump. Then came the aerial shot, and I was laughing out loud at what it showed – it was absurd! Somebody at Fox News really screwed up on that one – they completely torpedoed what their on-air personalities were creating in the minds of the public. A quick trip to CNN and one other network (can’t recall which one) showed similar Trump-bashing, with rhetoric that blamed Donald Trump for the “violence” that was going on in Chicago (there were very few incidents, from everything I could see, and we clearly know the media will show as many as they can find if they’re there). Can’t find any visible evidence of it? Make it up and report it verbally as “news.” And people believe the narrative. This is not a defense of Donald Trump. He didn’t need one tonight. I felt like I was in an LDS flashback, watching 60s protests all over again (and I never even did drugs in the 60s). “Hey hey! Ho ho!” and all that cr@p.

“This is what democracy looks like!” Indeed. There is far more wisdom in the title of this thread than most (even some here) realize.