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Because the feds don’t want to answer either question my guess is the major media has been told to not cover the story.

I can’t help thinking that parts of the government and the people they front for, still intend to collapse this nation and its defenses, for fun and profit. The cost of securing the electrical grid against EMP/CME has been estimated at a few paltry billions. Not pocket change for you and I, but trivial in the face of trillion dollar deficits, and multi-billion dollar programs to support hostile foreigners. Glad to hear the NSA is working on it, when they can spare the time away from reading our emails and listening to our phone calls.

A few talk shows are beginning to mention the vulnerability of the grid, most notably, George Noory on Coast to Coast AM It might be a worthwhile subject to call in to other daytime shows, though the go-along-to-stay-on-air types would reject it, until they heard that it was becoming a topic of general interest.

Cry, "Treason!"