Agree with returning to the traditional gender roles, it was like that and probably gonna be like that again, yeah “meterosexual” gonna have hard time for sure. It is world where old ways simply kick in again. Adapt or die.
Older generations have lot of advantage there over the kids today, it is not all about strength and muscle, especially if you own assault rifle.

Gold coins, gold and silver and similar is always interesting topic, and just like caliber topic (or similar) is going to be always kinda controversial.
From my experience, I always like to have something that I can use for real, things like food, weapon, tools etc.
Yes, in my time of SHTF there were people who seek for the gold simply because they could get it from (hungry) people for low amount of food (or medicines, ammo etc.) and then use it trough their connections outside of region where war was.
What if whole world gonna be thrown in one big SHTF?
My situation was specific maybe, but again I simply like to have things that are useful.
Maybe after the some time of SHTF people gonna develop some system where you could use silver or gold, maybe not.
It is useful to have it as a savings in normal times, and it might be useful to have it stored and wait when collapse is gone, and some system kick in (if), but in the middle of prolonged collapse might be more useful to have farming skills and bank of seeds or reloading machine.

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