Corvus ,
Your right , a lot of people’s health isnt where it should be , but on the other hand , fat people will start to loose weight real fast when they cant graze all day long because food is not as easy to come by . Doing most things to get along will be much more labor , and time intensive ………..key word LABOR . Labor makes a person loose weight , gain muscle and build stamina ……………not a bad thing for our current population . You will also see a return to more traditional gender roles ( mens work , women’s work ) Why ? because thats what nature intended . The urban Meterosexual will either have to cross over to manhood or die . The feminists will get beat up if they dont keep their mouth shut and work where needed ……..barbaric , but people are not nice when things are not going well , and nothing works . Just think of it Corvus , after its all over , you will be able to go down to the store , and buy a shirt made for a slim population , instead of a sack with sleeves , and a pair of pants not made for Bobo the baby elephant .