Merchants in the outlying areas would need to develop such capacity in-house. It would require a balance and weights, a micrometer, a magnifier, a book of coinage specifications, a secure building, and (most likely) an armed guard. – L T

They already exist.

Every single pawn shop in this country has a set of weights, a micrometer, scale, an assayer’s kit, magnifying glasses… which could very easily be overlooked in the initial chaos. Would be something to think about if things get wonky – place looted to the walls, but who thinks of lifting that stuff with an eye to the future when folks will have to start using their stashed PM’s for barter?

Exactly nobody, I’m guessing.

Heck, unless they just luckily happen to have an unknown silver dollar or 50¢ piece in their rolled coins, no bank has access to any silver money anymore.

What’s cool is that you can go into a bank today, right this instant, and ask them if they have had any silver coins come across their desk – older folks are starting to dip into those big jars of change as things get crappier and banks DO keep an eye out for them…

Offer to trade them, coin for coin, with today’s phony baloney currency and they have to do it.. pretty sure they have to do it, if you specifically request that they do.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1