Also found the lyrics…

Just a bright little song on this glorious spring day… :)

Weeds Or Wildflowers

I came along to find a little peace of mind
neglectin’ all my duties, steppin’ off that straightened lin
now I just sit by my front door filled with indolence and sound
it’s like I’m watchin’ the weeds grow on my brow
and I had a pure potential in a soiled white shirt
with love enough to kill me, but was unsure of its worth
and though the night is sweetened by some rising of the moon
I’ve lived enough to know the battle’s never through
you pass something down, no matter where or how
will there be weeds or wildflowers affixed upon your bows
there’s a crooked burning cigarette rollin’ on your tongue
will there be weeds or wildflowers when you’re done
remember you traveled through the desert, you traveled to the sea
lookin’ out on some horizon, asking what you mean to me
and we all hang around with a free or toiled mind
while all of our branches entwine
and as I watch the brick erode from day to day
the leaves change their colors and the loft fills with hay
as a blade of sunshine cuts across my chest
the blood beneath boils with unrest
blown about by the wind, a worthless little thing
but the world can feel the changes of a butterfly’s wing
and that crooked burning cigarette rollin’ on your tongue
will leave its weeds before your flowers yet have sprung

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1