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They may be able to successfully, possibly even rightfully argue that (a portion of) the Finicum shooting was justified, but the video from inside the vehicle clearly seems to show unjustified shooting of the vehicle (i.e. at the occupants themselves with clearly no acts on their part that should have been seen as threatening). The first two rounds that were apparently fired right as Finicum was stepping out – before he made any gesture toward his gun – were not what took him down. I just don’t see how those were at all justified. And if the report is correct that the round that broke the passenger window came through the roof first, then it had to have come from behind Finicum (i.e. from the opposite side of the vehicle). And that was before he seemed to be going for his gun. Even the FBI video was clear on when he made what appeared to be a threatening move – well after he was already outside, and well after those first two rounds. It will be interesting to also learn the specifics of direction and timing of the round that struck one of the occupants – MAYBE an errant shot at Finicum, but at this point we don’t know. The question may never be answered. Clearly they’ve already got evidence of some kind of cover up, with the two rounds that were originally undisclosed.

That inside-the-vehicle video is very disturbing…. [significant understatement] Thanks for posting, 74 – I think. Sometimes not even knowing is easier. I find viewing death once it’s already happened to be far easier than watching real evil in real time.