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Very well said Leopard. It sounds like you yourself have mentally prepared to a great degree. That will enable you to help others with their own transition as conditions change. We have discussed conditions in SA a lot and it seems that they will get worse before they get better, but as you note, we don’t really know what is coming. If WWIII breaks out between the US-Russia-China and the many countries that those 3 are aligned or otherwise involved with, what does that really mean for us in the several countries represented here? Probably different things, none of them good. Being able to see and accept reality is truly the 1st order of business. Most people won’t see it let alone accept it early on. Like it or not, we will have to help others get through that initial mental transition if they are to become part of your local solution vs being a burden or perhaps even a threat. The more any of us know the better off we will be.