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Wow, Tec! First we found out you and Mrs. Tec got to talk with Russell Means and were invited to join the Republic of Lakotah. Now we find out you were able to attend a small dinner with Harry Browne! Very lucky couple!. And sadly, most Americans would just give you a deer-in-the-headlights stare if they heard that, asking, “Who were they?!?”

And speaking of Libertarians, want an interesting additional “blast from the past” that isn’t really as much about 1992 as it is about 2016? Here’s Nancy Lord (start at the 18:30 point). It’s almost amazing how she sounds like she could be speaking today – yet this was a quarter century ago. A handful of us even remember her as JJ’s former wife. I had forgotten, though, that she was a practicing MD as well, not “just” a practicing attorney.