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War is the health of the (media-military-industrial) State. It’s also the ruination and death of humankind.

I have this strange idea that a strong nation, if it didn’t waste its resources, energies, and people, getting involved in other nations’ affairs, but traded with all which could accept its armed neutrality, and exchange value for value, might not only avoid wars, but come to be regarded (for its lasting success) as a model to them all. Indeed, in the nineteenth century, America was so nearly such a model, that the map of Europe was redrawn several times over, by the mad scramble of peasants who had only heard of our less-than-perfect union … simply to get here. Think of that — so great was our founding ideal. And now so compromised, that people primarily now come, not to join in, but to cash in, and to trash in.

Hard for me to tell if Trump even intends to, “make America great again.” I doubt his ability to get very far, even if he does want to, given the established globalists striving to prevent that, at all costs. But it’s a seductive slogan. And I’d rather exchange goods and services with Russia, than bombs.

Cry, "Treason!"