GS ,
I will try to post , but there are a few states that passed laws to allow gold and silver as legal tender . World wide ? that is exactly what the Chinese and Russian coalition is attempting to do , create their own gold backed monetary system . Bad news for us if that happens , they are buying up large amounts of gold for a reason . No government has the power to get rid of gold and silver as exchange , yes they can attempt to dictate it ownership , but that works about as well as prohibition of alcohol did in the 30s . Humans have coveted gold and silver sense the day they stepped out of the cave , and will continue to do so , until the day we nuke ourselves back into the cave . It will always have value and be desired . I believe that in the event of a collapse , it will be quite the opposite , despite attempts by our government , or any other , to stop or prevent it , gold and silver will replace the worthless world currencies as a preferred medium of exchange . Interesting thing about the lend lease program of WW2 , we accepted the currency of our allied nations , such as Britain and others , as payment for the materials we were providing them ………..however , the money of the Soviet Union was worthless outside their own country , therefore , we demanded GOLD as payment for the same materials . In a post collapse , I believe gold and silver will continue to be accepted as payment , simply because that is how it has always been , we as humans want it . That sounds strange , but its true . every religion’s scriptures , speak of it as having value , its too ingrained in humanity . They may attempt things , but its destined to failure .