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Seems to me he would try to knock out the US mainland first then launch a ground offense against SK.

Whether he has the capability yet or not is debatable, but just one single decent-sized nuke exploded somewhere over the middle of the United States will take out virtually all of the electronics (including all of the big power transformers that aren’t quickly replaceable) across the entire lower 48 states. The satellite that crossed over us is too tiny to have been that kind of weapon. But they know they can do an orbiting satellite now, and even if they have multiple failures along the way, all they need is ONE to explode over our heartland, and we’re fried (literally).

And Selco’s point is spot-on: “But it is scary what he can start.” Add that to MB’s observation about the Philippines’ seizure of the NK ship. You’ve got to KNOW that wasn’t their own unilateral idea, and NK would also know that the Philippines would not have done that all by themselves without heavy pressure from their “allies” (US and maybe others).

I took a full semester course in Games Theory (an advanced political science course) in my senior year of college. What a marvelous course for deepening one’s understanding of how “they” go about things in the real world, and what’s behind things that we’d never know even had anything behind them if we merely listened to the “news” media. Names of people like Henry Kissinger were prominent in our required readings. (It was truly one of the most instructive and fascinating courses I’ve ever taken. It was not opinionated, was objective, and it went deep. And amazingly it was taught by Tom Hayden’s brother-in-law no less!).

So yes, it will be very interesting to see what happens with the Philippine move – I believe there’s MUCH more there than meets the media-provided “eye.” But we’ll hear mostly about Nancy Reagan’s death for a few days, with little mention (let alone analysis) of the Philippine seizure – unless NK actually does something amazingly major. In fact, even expanding the entire World News section of Google News to the point where there are no more news stories available, the Philippines’ action is not listed as a story. And in a CNN story about North Korea’s nuclear threat, updated today at 6:00 p.m., there isn’t even a mention of the ship seizure. Strange (or so it would seem).

Why would it seem that someone might be trying to provoke the little Krazy?