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Either Trump is truly a nationalist (meaning he favors America more than any other nation, or combination thereof) or he’s such a consummate insider actor, that he is able to fake it before the cameras, even to the point of controlling his off-the-cuff responses. I believe he is the former, though often with so little study and forethought as to propose unconstitutional (and unwise) ideas, some of which, he has taken back — sadly, along with some of the proposals which made him the popular candidate that he is. Still, if he is a non-globalist, he seems to offer the prospect of ending, or at least blunting, some of the 27-year (and counting) globalist march we have been forced to make under the last three presidents, their sycophantic CONgresses and Extreme Courts, and the Federal Reserve Scam. It looks like a lemming slowdown is about as much as we can get.

On the one hand, we have a roll of the dice with Trump who may or may not be the guy he portrays on TV, or who, though genuine, like Reagan, may sadly prove circumventable (or assassin-able) by the insiders who will invariably surround him. On the other hand, we have the rock-solid globalist guarantee of uninterupted more of the ruinous same under Hitlary, or possibly, some pre-vetted RINO quisling (Romney? Rubio?)

If the Repugs manage to jury-rig a globalist “victory,” by shutting Trump out with a few purchased (or gerrymandered) votes, they will have laid the groundwork for a replacement party, much as the Republicans replaced the Whigs (not that it would necessarily change anything.)

Its beginning to look like Roger Stone, in that Alex Jones interview, was on to something.

Cry, "Treason!"

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