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As an afterthought to my above post, I’ve considered the fact that Donald Trump has openly and frequently boasted about the amount of media coverage he’s gotten, amounting to free air time, massively “trumping” all other candidates’ media coverage. Networks have often times broken away from their regular, in-progress programs, with the following words: “Let’s take a listen to what Donald Trump is saying right now in [wherever he is].” And they cut directly to Trump’s live speech at the moment and take several minutes of their programming just for that. Think about that for a moment. Network TV is CAREFULLY scripted, right down to the second, and they know ahead of time just how long they’re going to take for even the shortest segment of a 30 minute or 60 minute show. So how would they know if what Trump has to say is even going to be interesting or relevant? Or do they already, and does the “convenient” timing amount to part of the careful scripting? And why would the networks be giving him that much coverage while at the same time seemingly demonizing him? Answer – they know that a large segment of the population will resonate with his emotional appeals, his apparent anger. So they play to that viewership in order to get their advertising stats and keep their ratings. They don’t CARE about the message.

Yet at least some of us believe the final candidates (and even the eventual election outcome) are all carefully scripted and manipulated. So why would the media give Trump so much time, and then trash him at the same time? Why would they not pull a Ron Paul or Ben Carson on him, and just stop covering him – if he isn’t part of the insider club? (That’s a rhetorical question, as far as I’m concerned. It’s all part of the manipulation.)

I just hope (and so far am still willing to believe) that Judge Jeanine and Judge Napolitano have it figured out. Napolitano lost his show apparently because he went TOO far (that’s a link to the 5-minute show if anyone hasn’t seen it). And as I wondered above, will Pirro also lose her show now too? Will they merely be allowed to weigh in on narrow topics for brief periods of time on someone else’s show, because they’re popular and can draw/retain viewers? (Perhaps also another rhetorical question, rather than one truly needing an answer, because it may have already been answered.)