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Indeed. Things are looking VERY bad for Canada. With the price of oil recently below $30, and not expected to climb much higher any time soon, their economy is hurting. Many of their mining companies are owned by foreign companies (or governments, in the case of China for example). Their dollar has been trashed! And now we read that Canada is in the process of reversing a law that allows them to strip citizenship of those holding dual citizenship, in the event they commit a terrorism-related offense. At issue specifically is a man who holds Jordanian citizenship, and who was convicted to plotting “to detonate a truck bomb in downtown Toronto, storm Parliament Hill and behead the prime minister.” There were 18 co-conspirators in that case. But the liberals in Canada don’t think that’s fair, based on just one crime. (No, I’m not making this up.)


So yes, I agree – things don’t look good for Canada. But they could improve if Donald Trump wins – Al Sharpton reportedly has selected Canada as the place he wants to go when he leaves the US in the event of a Trump victory in November. He should fit in very well up there.