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Tec, excellent video. Unlike the SGM’s video earlier (I’ve since added to my earlier remarks on that video), virtually all of the material in this video can be independently researched. It’s not “nice” information, but it’s solid. Truth isn’t always “nice.”

It’s all part of an obvious hidden conspiracy. Obvious because the evidence is so easy to spot – at least by anyone with a brain that hasn’t been brainwashed. But hidden because, like MB said in a different thread, “Those societies are more secretive than they are secret or we wouldn’t know of them at all.” The really big one “merely” uses the banks as its means. And that allows it to largely stay hidden, because it’s the identifiable “banksters” that can be “seen.” What’s frightening is how hidden in plain sight the overall plan really is. But I’m not going further with that in this forum. My brief comments on the subject are over at:


Thanks for the video.