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I suspect that there is a secret society type group whose name has yet to even be speculated on in the internet chat world that was behind O’s grooming and meteoric rise to power. Nothing else can explain how he can have become President and more than 7 years later him still having virtually no past and there being no media scrutiny trying to surface a past. There are very powerful interests behind the curtains on that one.

MB, you suspect quite correctly. The details are indeed available, and quite specific. But it’s way beyond the scope of this forum, and a Google search will not show it, unless one knows exactly which search terms to use (and they’re not terms anyone would just correctly guess at or discern intuitively or from the mainstream media, though they’re out there). Just be very confident in your supposition. A former 2-term (full 8 years) Cabinet member detailed it. I’ll go no further with that, however.

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Completely separate and only maybe related, and just as teasers (I cannot verify these), the following are for “entertainment value only.”



The Tom Fife story has been around since 2008 (the year before Obama took office). So much of that story has disappeared, and the only places I can find it anymore are on what otherwise appear to be “way out there” sites that would lend themselves to easy discrediting by anyone intent on doing so. What has really bothered me over the years about the Fife story is that if a credible debunking of it (or him) is available, I’ve never seen it (and I’ve looked fairly extensively over the years). If someone else can credibly debunk it, I’d honestly want to see it – I don’t like trading in garbage stories. But instead of debunking it, someone(s) has done a pretty (in)decent job of deleting previous stories about it, leaving only the versions on mostly controversial (often questionable) sites, thereby keeping the story from gaining traction.

But those two little teaser links are just that – there’s much, much more to the story, and it goes well beyond the “almost-too-bizarre-to-be-true” kinds of stories in those two teaser links. Keep them separate from the first paragraph following your quoted statement.