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Those societies are more secretive than they are secret or we wouldn’t know of them at all. To me they are the equivalent of fraternities for the elite, though with deadly serious intent behind them. Surely there is a certain amount of linkage and coordination between them. Some groups likely have permanent and to a great degree inherited membership. That is where the real power lies. Other groups may include some in the political and media class only so long as they are useful. I suspect that there is a secret society type group whose name has yet to even be speculated on in the internet chat world that was behind O’s grooming and meteoric rise to power. Nothing else can explain how he can have become President and more than 7 years later him still having virtually no past and there being no media scrutiny trying to surface a past. There are very powerful interests behind the curtains on that one.

There are a couple thousand billionaires in the world and hundreds of thousands of mega millionaires so just being rich like Trump isn’t going to make you an insider. I would add that to be an insider one would have to go along to get along. Being too independent minded like Trump is going to keep you out. Neither Trump or Bernie are insiders, though Bernie isn’t giving the Dems heartburn on account he has no chance of winning the nomination. My guess is that the elite in the background never care who wins so long as both candidates are theirs. This is probably how we came to be at a point where there is no discernible difference between Dems and Repubs at the Oval Office level.