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Whirli, Bernie got more than 86% of the Democrat vote in VT. Not sure how much comes from folks generally liking him or folks generally not liking the Hildebeast. Probably mostly folks liking him, not because he’s a Socialist but rather because he’s ours. The State more leans libertarian than it does socialist which in combination with remnants of the Puritan cultural heritage in the background VT leans more blue than red. Most Republicans are just to the right of center with virtually no far right presence. Most Democrats are just to the left of center but there very much is also a far left presence. With the majority clustered around the center the political division in the State is typically the far left clustered in the Burlington area vs the moderate D’s & R’s that dominate the rest of the State. All in all we have a good thing going compared to most.

And being a Lister is all I aspire to. No formal meetings, minutes, agendas etc. I come and go as I please from the Town Hall, and most importantly It has helped me meet lots of people and become entrenched in the community.