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While this isn’t directly related to the thread topic, it directly follows a previous post in which Alex Jones’ claimed there is a well-funded plan to unseat trump using Romney. So rather than start a new thread since this hasn’t been active since the Jones video, here are two items that just popped up in the news:

Ben Carson doesn’t see “a political path forward.” He plans an announcement on Friday. Additionally, he does not plan to attend the debate in Detroit tomorrow night – his home town. His campaign chairman sent out an email to supporters stating, “the reality is that our political efforts must come to a close.”

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Romney to Lay Out Case Against Trump in Speech Thursday

If Romney expects to enter the race and try to get enough delegates to deny Trump a Majority, he’s got a snowball’s chance. The only states that haven’t passed their filing deadlines are: CT (this Friday), OR, NE, MT, CA, SD, and NJ (in that order). OH, NY, and FL are all closed. CA is the only delegate-rich state left. The RNC is getting desperate. If nothing else, it will become “interestinger and interestinger.”