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Effective leaders know how to negotiate. Reagan did it very well with Tip O’Neil.

Excellent example. I was editing my previous post while the above was posted, and cited Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich as yet another example. That was certainly an odd pairing on the surface, and too many people were unable to see what those two were attempting to accomplish in single areas, totally separate from their fundamental differences in others. Paul and Kucinich were able to respect another human being and find common ground on which to combine their efforts for the good of the nation.

Thus number 6 is automatically in personal conflict with number 5 .

No, adherence to #6 is not mutually exclusive with adherence to #5. It’s just a rare person that can adhere to both. The more narrow minded a person is who qualifies under #6, the less likely s/he is to be able to qualify under #5 as well (they will conveniently ignore the 1st Amendment on all four fundamentals).