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Malgus, you are correct. It would be a huge undertaking, one which I really am not planning on doing. As noted before I am just intrigued knowing that it was done in 1830, long before there was electricity or heavy equipment. If I own the land and the world falls apart, maybe it would benefit my kids or grandkids after a new normal settles in. If not, they’d have a second hay field and their choice of fishing spots. There’s a small swimming hole too where someone dammed the water up a little with some stones. As an aside it is more or less the center of the hamlet and so would not be a remote outpost come SHTF.

You mentioned waterways being used as travel and commerce routes. That’s true but not this river. Its head waters are only about 10 miles or so to the south, a large lake up on the mountain. Another 10 miles or so to the north it joins a larger river which would lend itself to be a travel route. Between the headwaters and my neighborhood is substantially unpopulated.

I did learn last night that the mill was being undermined by the river and that there was a 3 or 4% lean to it when they tore it down. I imagine it would have been massively expensive to preserve it under those conditions.

Of course this is all theoretical until such point as I can convince my wife that we want to buy it. Its been for sale for a couple years and clearly nobody else around here sees it the way I see it. The owner is some guy in California who thought he was buying some prime land he saw in a photo. Way overpaid for it. The photo was taken on the south end from the bridge looking north across the whole property except it was done in a way that the eyes focused on a postcard quality cow pasture that abuts it to the north. Never buy land sight unseen.

Then again, most of the folks we know thought we were nuts buying our place here too. They didn’t see the potential I saw nor did they (or do they still) see its advantages for what is to come, on account they don’t see anything coming.

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