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74, personally I’m disgusted with what is going on by grown men (and a woman) running for the highest office in the land, and potentially (but not currently) leader of the free world. With the exception of Kasich, Carson, and Sanders, not one of them is exhibiting an adult level of civilized behavior (that’s in no way a comment on the suitability otherwise of those three).

With that said, I have to say that with the issue of ethanol, Cruz really, really caught my attention. His other behaviors are so far beyond presidential, but that was apparently a most principled stand! To come out as strongly as he did in Iowa and risk massive backlash by every elected (paid-off) official in the state, along with massive loss of campaign money, on top of sudden shifts of campaign money to whoever could possibly destroy Cruz – that took major “cajones.” If there was a secondary gain in that position, I’ve not detected it nor seen anyone suggest one – it honestly appeared to be what I’d love to see from all candidates (straight forward answers regardless of consequences, and letting the voters decide based on THOSE factors). Ethanol is less fuel-efficient, costs a considerable amount to produce, and we’re ending up paying for those subsidies to ADM and other companies anyway – on top of all the official gasoline taxes already in place. Bravo to Cruz on that one – big time.

Still, this is a thread on WWIII, not the US presidential circus.