Seems to me a property with potential hydro power post shtf would be very valuable.

This. ^

Moving water is free power – the only thing someone has to do is harness it.

Hydro power for electric motors/lights or direct power for whatever you want to use it for – grind grains, cut wood, drive machinery via a crude reduction transmission – way back when, the water wheel would drive an axle that would spin a simple transmission, which would then turn a line shaft that powered multiple pulleys/machines…

Here.. (see attached images)

Owning the land is only half the equation. The other half is getting the folks together to re-invent the water wheel, build the structures and refit the machines you want to use to belt drive…

Just an FYI – an undershot wheel is only about 20% efficient. Overshot wheels are about 70% efficient and pitch back wheels are 90%. The trick is how to get the water up high enough so that you can use it for max performance. The ancient Romans figured out how to make water flow up a hill… I might dig out my old engineering books and research this, just as a thought experiment…

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