Malgus my thanks too for the Lexington site. If you have ever used the Spector products they are pricey but great. You only buy them once. The Sawyer filters are excellent and should have a place in everyone’s BOB. The price is more than reasonable and the volume they filter is amazing. You can get them on Amazon for around $16.

You are most welcome as well..

Couple things about those Sawyer Mini’s… these fall under the “duh” category.

1. going to dump the rather stiff, cheap straw provided with the Mini and replace it with a flexible piece of water tubing from the hardware store – they might even let me have it for free if it’s leftover scrap. If not, a few pennies for clear flexible plastic tubing is a small matter. Plus, you can roll it up to fit in the dry box and it does not matter if it gets squashed, mashed or bent like the sorta-cheap stiff one that comes with the kit…

2. Pretty sure these Sawyer Mini’s fit your standard 2 Liter soda bottles. That means: know what you can field expedient? A gravity feed water system. Cut the bottom off a 2 Liter bottle, then punch 3 small holes around the edge. Lash your 550 cord through the holes, then to each other so all three pieces are more-or-less the same length. Screw the Sawyer Mini to the other end, then hang from a tree limb. Fill with water and when you want some, just uncap the Sawyer and let it drain into your cup (or whatever). No squeezing, no sucking, no nothing…

3. And that means you could probably even knock a hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and – using the appropriate plumbing fixtures sourced at the hardware store – hook up a Sawyer filter in-line in a section of water line and gravity feed from the bucket into whatever you want… If you have the skills to make a home-made Big Berkey, then you should have no problem making a field-expedient in-line filter for a 5 gallon bucket…

There’s probably more things you can field expedient, but I haven’t thought of them yet… still, it’s good fun…

Y’all be well.


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1