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Oh, I don’t believe FedGov will ever completely subdue everyone or control the entire economy (i.e. wipe out private transactions of whatever sort between people). My concern was about whether gold (and silver) will be a great a solution as not only the profiteering TV ads and Glenn Beck would have us believe, but even the financial gurus, many of whom may honestly believe what they’re predicting: “Buy gold now to secure your future.” If we go all digital and the gold can’t be converted into physical, recognized and authorized “cash,” people with large stores of gold may be seriously panicked when they want to buy food from someone else that also has some gold of their own, and are in the same dilemma. Many aren’t going to want it, simply because they don’t see an easy (and legal) conversion of that gold to something they won’t get in trouble for. Now black market food, ammo, etc. – THOSE are things that could get people in trouble in those days. The government may not even bother with a mandatory turn in of gold, since it no longer backs anything officially anyway – that way they avoid the outrage of the public that have been listening to William Devane and buying gold against the runaway printing of money in “other” countries (listen carefully to his commercials – it’s hilarious!).

But no – PEOPLE will always be resourceful, for better or worse, and the government will not be able to control everyone ultimately. It just won’t be easy or pretty while we’re still successfully resisting. And with digital “money” I don’t think our gold and silver will be of benefit to the magnitude the financial writers and commercials would have us believe. Those predictions are all based on a history WITH physical money that could be used to buy and sell gold.