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I just don’t understand how even with a total digital currency you can control people and their desires. Don’t have the answer, but people will always try to find a way around any government regulation.

Governmental controls are never perfect, but once they have most of the people reduced to barely scraping by (and they’ll know that, at least) anyone who buys stuff not needed for just hanging on, e.g., bartering stuff, in trade-able amounts, will stand out, if someone’s paying attention to the digital record.

In the old Soviet Union, it was possible, though unusual, for an ordinary citizen to buy a (poorly made, governmentally-produced) automobile. Gasoline, however, was expensive, and rationed, in the hope of preventing escape attempts, and (Heaven forbid!) capitalism. But bureaucrats on “government business,” and truck drivers making regulated deliveries, had access to the fuel they needed for their “work.” It was estimated that almost 1/3 of all private driving was fueled by black market gasoline, obtained clandestinely, after the necessary bribe, from civil serpents and truckers. But then they didn’t have automated programs, using the latest algorithms, to compare trip miles, and consumption — just other (mostly lazy) government “workers,” back in the day. Now — who knows?

I suspect clever people will still find ways to survive without authorization. After all, how do truckloads of people and dope (and what else?) continue to come in over the border?

Cry, "Treason!"