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Oh, let me tell you! That turkey bacon is just a level or two beneath heaven. :-) (The photo wasn’t ours, but we used it as the model for ours last Thanksgiving. Heavenly!)

According to one version of history I’ve found, it wasn’t until 1300 that Turkey began to be anything OTHER than a Christian country. Just sayin’….

And regardless of my comments about our possible response if Iran attacked Saudi Arabia, I personally wouldn’t mind if we simply pulled out of the region and let them determine their own “destiny.” I have some sympathy for those living in Israel, since virtually none of them was there in the late 40s when we and Britain decreed that land suddenly belonged to Jewish people and the then-current inhabitants were unceremoniously kicked out. But they’ve chosen to live there despite the risks, and at least in the past have shown themselves quite able to defend themselves. But nukes? Who knows until it’s tried?

Ron Paul for President.