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In 1600’s/1700’s New England there were multiple wide scale wars with Indians and with the Indians & French. In-between wars there were sporadic small scale attacks here and there. Isolated homesteads were generally too dangerous because a single family was no match for a roving band of Indians that might be passing through. People generally lived in towns and culturally they worked together for mutual aid and support. In some towns there were designated homes that people took refuge in during attacks, homes that were fortified in some manner so as to offer a greater level of protection. Where I used to live there was one home with a false floor between the 1st & 2nd floors, a space that children could be hidden in when the town was attacked. Some towns had palisades around a core part of the village and during periods of high tension those with homes inside the palisade took in each night those who lived outside it. Armed guards would be posted during the day offering some degree of protection for those who were tending crops or animals outside the palisade. Any male old enough to use a gun carried one with him at all times during these periods.

I don’t think the fundamentals have materially changed several hundred years later. Somehow communities or neighborhoods will have to work together for mutual aid and support. Going it alone is just too dangerous.