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So, Professor Cohen asks, “If the religious leaders who have had a spiritual war, cold war, for 1000 years — ’cause this was a historic meeting – if they can meet, why can’t Obama go meet Putin and work this out on our terms, militarily, against the Islamic State?” (please pardon any mis-transcription) Good question.

Answer: Because, unlike the heads of the two churches, they’re on diametrically opposite sides of that specific issue. Putin wants to help Assad stay in power, perhaps, partly to protect Christians, but mainly to protect his Mediterranean naval base. Obama wants to depose Assad,partly to remove any protection the Christians may have, but mainly to grow the Caliphate, and to strip Russia of its naval base, to (attempt to) dominate Russia, for the NATO/Bankster coalition he fronts for. The “Islamic State” is his Foreign Legion.

Cry, "Treason!"

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